Change Your Story, Change Your Life!


Life is one big adventure and we are all heroes and heroines in our own epic tale. We are not meant to be passive characters begrudgingly trudging through life. We can’t control everything in our lives, but what we can exert influence over, we should. Having control over our own thoughts, feelings and emotions can empower us and help us to lead more fulfilling and adventurous lives.

Our patterns of thoughts reflect in our everyday lives, so why not make these thoughts as exciting, fabulous and wonderful as possible? Why not project thoughts that resonate to the highest frequency possible? Why not consciously see yourself as the lead character in the story of your own life? Once I began to see myself as the author of my own life, I began to create a different reality for myself.

We are not just living life, but life is living through us and we get to determine the quality, shape and vibration of that life. We are incredibly privileged and once we change the story about ourselves in our own mind, we can change our existence. Seeing my life as an adventure helps me to approach life with more fun and optimism instead of with fear and stress. Since I do believe that the universe has my back, I know that the universe and I are co-authoring this wonderful thing called my life.

In our favorite stories, the challenges that the heroes and heroines confront force the protagonists to face their fears and grow as characters. This is also true in our own lives. Every single hardship and challenge we encounter is an opportunity to grow as human beings. I like to view the obstacles and problems I face as creating interesting plot shifts in my own epic journey of life.

Our favorite heroes and heroines transform their trials and tribulations into triumphs. In fact, these characters are heroic because they are triumphant and demonstrate the ability to overcome the odds against them.  The story would not be epic and adventurous if there were no obstacles to overcome.  

Confronting and defeating the obstacles is what moves the plot forward in our favorite storylines. The same is true for our own lives. Yet so many of us avoid struggles, challenges and hardships, not realizing that it is through these obstacles that we meet the hero/heroine inside of us waiting to be chiseled out.

In our favorite stories the heroes/heroines have noble objectives and goals, which keep them motivated and not easily defeated on their quests. The lead characters are usually trying to accomplish something of extreme importance. No matter what the plot presents them with they are ready to face the challenge because they are inspired by an important task, goal or objective.  What kind of goals are you setting to keep you inspired on your quest? What is something important that you want to accomplish?

Heroes and heroines do not become triumphant by leading predictable, mundane, and rote lives. Of course having a routine is a part of living a responsible life, but spontaneity is just as important. Getting outside of our comfortable rhythm, taking risks and trying new things can help allow us to lead a more adventurous and heroic life. Also, trying new things can help us determine our purpose and passion in life—especially if we are not satisfied with our routine. Implementing more excitement, fun and joy in our lives does not require making huge changes, but it does require being open to change and it does require consciously thinking about our lives as one big “choose your own adventure” story!