Wyatt Schaefer


Wyatt practices hypnotherapy and meditation daily in order to grow and free himself from painful and habitual thinking and emotions. Like all of us he has struggled with an overactive mind and negative self-talk. Hypnotherapy has been instrumental in him realizing peace of mind.

He's earned his transpersonal hypnotherapy certification with the Institute for Therapeutic Learning in Seattle under the tutelage of Jack Elias (a truly profound hypnotherapist and teacher). He uses an integrative contemplative approach in the hypnotherapeutic process.

He sees his job as being allowed to guide someone to experience empowerment in all aspects of their life. Wyatt aims to help people embark on a long-term path of mental, emotion, and physical well-being. And all of this work is done within the framework of learning how to be free of confusion and suffering so as to be alive, awake and empowered.

He helps people use the depths of their unconscious to let go of experential and existential fear, shame, disempowerment
and confusion. It is an honor for him to help people recognize and realize the power, purity and wholeness of their being.

For the past few years, he has been working in the addiction treatment field. He has realized that we are all dealing with a painful addictive thinking process whether we call ourselves an addict or not. Wyatt sees his job as helping people become free of this addiction. 

He deeply believes in your inherent purity and goodness and he is dedicated to helping you recognize and realize this pure goodness for yourself.

​Wyatt has had some truly extraordinary teachers including Judith Harrington and Jack Elias. He is excited to share the profound techniques of freedom he has learned. 

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