Steve Hitchcock


Steve Hitchcock has been a business owner in Placer county for the past 15 years. He is not only a Bowen Therapist but a Bowen client who has suffered from neck and shoulder conditions and well as neuropathy. 

I met a friend on the golf course that introduced me to BowenWork and watched him not only help me but several others, right there on the course! It intrigued me enough that I am now a practitioner myself and am determined to provide help to anyone that will listen! 

There are alternatives to Surgeries and pain medications, if you are a fellow sufferer from injury or chronic conditions and are interested in a life PAIN FREE and a more active lifestyle you owe it to yourself to try BowenWork.

Providing a safe and comfortable environment, Steve offers extended hours in order to best serve his clients.  His clients include folks of all ages and life styles who seek a pain free solution to their specific health issues and would prefer a natural approach to their over all health and wellness. 

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