Sara Junker

Sara Junker


Like many people, I was drawn to Yoga as simply a new way to exercise. My mind was bored and my feet were tired of running in circles or up hills. I hated the gym and the mindless hours on the elliptical. I could never commit to consistency. The group fitness rooms always terrified me. (What if everyone was watching? What if I messed up? Will I have to talk to people?). Finally, after trying a few classes for a few years, I found my home in January of 2016 and I never looked back. I tried all styles of yoga from Yin to Vinyasa.

I was moved to that magical yogic place of tears disguised as sweat during a Vinyasa class and I knew I wanted to know more.

​I completed my 200 hour YTT Jonny Kest ciriculum at Lifetime Fitness in Roseville, and I continue to attend workshops and trainings along with my daily practice.

​I will always be a student of yoga, though I do enjoy teaching. Sharing my passion through teaching inspires my self esteem. Taking a look within, without judgement but acceptance, is something I still have to remind myself of daily. It's a far cry from the girl that looked longingly from the elliptical into the group fitness room scared of the things I didn't know, the "what if's" and worries about my appearance or speaking to new people.

Being humble and having humility has allowed my connections in my personal life, family, friends and even with strangers to deepen.  Most importantly, through yoga, I have enhanced my life and relationship with myself.

I hope to invoke, rouse, or even frustrate someone just enough so that they may find their yoga too. It is so much more than what the body can do (the asanas). Yoga speaks to our souls, our inner light, our inner voice, and asks "what do you find when you look within for the answers?"

​Om Shanti - Sara

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