Marji McDowall

Marji McDowall

Practitioner Outreach Facilitator

Marji is most comfortable in nature, chatting with fellow souls sharing this physical journey, laughing until her abs cramp, shedding tears not only as a way of letting go but because it is beautiful. She is an adventurer and lover of life, enjoys talking to all the animals and plants that she is blessed to share space with, and is always willing to listen and allow others to just be. 

She has worked in health and healing for over twenty eight years and has a deep and honest love for all beings and their path. Her connection with Gaia and our existence on this beautiful Earth plane is best expressed when sitting and just allowing the flow of things.

Being intuitive, empathetic, loving, playful and a student of this life allows her to share pure joy and truth in all interactions. Knowing that this physical experience has many progressions, all varied, she knows they are all showing her more about who she truly is and the infinite possibilities that are here for us.

Dive into your True Self and Remember Who You Are.



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