Lorie Ladd

Energy Work, Spiritual Healing, Spirituality

Lorie is an intuitive channel and spiritual guide here to serve humanity as we shift from the third to the fifth dimension. She works with 5th dimensional beings inside Mount Shasta to share messages on ascension, multi-dimensional living and transitioning into the fifth dimension but it didn't start here. It took alot of trust to get to where she is today.

Lorie never felt like she belonged. She always felt a bit out of place. She felt as if she was watching the world around her happen and she was a visitor waiting to go home. Lorie can remember at 17 years old looking up at the stars and pleading to go home. She was in pain and she wanted out. But she knew with absolute certainty she was here to help humanity through the ascension. She didn't know how but she knew that was her purpose.

For the next 24 years Lorie moved in and out of this awareness as well as depression. It was very challenging for her to stay aligned with her truth and her purpose. Lorie numbed herself out with drugs, alcohol and an eating disorder. She wanted to escape and remain unconscious to the deep desire within her to spread her light and her gifts. Yet even as she struggled she never gave up hope that one day she would be doing what she came here to do.

I Always  Knew Within Me That I Was Here To Share A Powerful Message Yet I Was Deeply Afraid To Dive Deep Into That Message.

I Was Afraid To Be Great. I Was Afraid To Commit 100% To My Truth And To My Life's Mission. 

That commitment finally came September 27th 2015 on her way to Mount Shasta to participate in an Ascension Immersion. She knew on the drive up that she was done. Lorie was done living with blind folds on. She was done waiting for the right time to embody her purpose. She was done numbing herself and taking the easy way out. She was ready to finally step up and fully own who she am in this life and the work she is here to do. It was a very conscious choice that day and Lorie knew she would never put the blindfold back on and forget who she was. 

Today she is living her soul purpose work. She finally feels at home. It has taken and continues to take commitment, dedication, trust, honesty, and an openess to dive deep within herself and heal but she is 100% committed to serving humanity today. 

And I Am Here To Serve You As You Take The Next Step In Your Awakening. 

As we navigate through this ascension, she is reminded on a daily basis that we have an obligation to wake up to our truth and our light. That YOU have been called to participate in this huge EVOLUTIONARY SHIFT and no matter how scary it can feel or how many doubts can enter your mind it is TIME to step into your light. She knows all too well the fears and the doubts. She hid her truth for 40 years but she is telling you today that she has never felt more at home, at peace and alive as she does living out her purpose.
It is TIME to stop playing small and start owning the expansive being of light that you are with a mission that is larger then your wildest dreams.
Lorie Ladd is honored to be here with you now, to walk with you as you step into your divinity, move into your divine purpose and begin to live the life you came down here to live.
Let her remind you just how magnificent and powerful you are!
Let her remind you that you are allowed to become the brightest light you can possibly be. You are allowed to become your Divinity. You wouldn't want it any other way.
We are here, as light, in form, participating on this playground we call Earth, to evolve to the next level of spiritual consciousness. You have a part in this huge evolutionary shift. It's your time to start playing!
For more information, please visit Lorie of Lemuria or you can also find her on Facebook and YouTube.

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