Joseph Macchiavelli, L.Ac.

Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Spiritual Healing, Yoga

My understanding of alternative medicine and holistic health has evolved over many years. I strive to provide an opportunity for healing and education that empowers patients to live fuller and healthier lives.

About Chinese Medicine:

Chinese medicine encompasses a rich set of modalities for treating most health concerns. Patients often benefit from the inclusion of Chinese therapies such as cupping, guasha, tuina massage, herbal medicine, and medical qigong in addition to acupuncture in their course of treatment.

​Cupping, guasha, and tuina massage are physical therapies that are very effective in treating muscular-skeletal traumas. These therapies are also instrumental in treating a variety of chronic health concerns and are widely used in sports medicine applications.

​Chinese herbal medicine is a powerful healing modality comparable in sophistication to pharmaceuticals, but without the toxicity and side effects associated with pharmaceuticals.

​Qigong is a unique form of Chinese yoga and meditation with applications in spiritual practice, martial arts and medicine. Joseph is a long time qigong teacher and often uses medical qigong as an adjunct therapy during treatment.

​Please feel free to reach out to Joseph with any questions or to schedule a free consultation where specific health concerns can be discussed.

You can also learn more information at Well Within Community.

To your health!

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