Holly Baade

Spiritual Healing, Spirituality, Yoga

Power is not found by forcing ourselves, but rather by finding our Self. If you want to improve the state of your being, and the state of the world, you’ve got to go on a Journey. A pilgrimage to the center of your soul, where awaits your total empowerment and joyful enlightenment. Holly is your guide. She is spirit-initiated shaman and founder of The Joyful Warrior Shamanic Mastery School. With haunting medicine chants and sweet invocations, Holly takes up her drum to open a portal to where spirit, lives. Through sacred story and spiritual allegory, she paints a picture of the Soul’s Journey in the Shaman’s Territory. Holly has presented JourneYoga and Shamanic Savasana at Symbiosis, The Enchanted Forest Festival, Lightning in a Bottle, Wanderlust, Arise and The California Spirit Festival. She is the creator of The Shaman in You, Shamanic Mastery Program that teaches how to connect with the natural shamanic impulses now arising through elevated consciousness that is part of our evolution process at this time. Join Holly for workshops, storytelling, journeyoga or for a personal soul retrieval experience. She is a Masterful Spirit Guide and Shamanic Spell-Caster who Holds Light - and teaches how to Live with Spirit & Bring Love to Life. 


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