Dr. Richard E. Reich-Kuykendall

Dr. Richard E. Reich-Kuykendall


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Tarot after-life readings


Dr. Richard Reich-Kuykendall


Dr. Richard Reich wrote his doctoral dissertation on the history and meaning of the tarot.  It was titled, Tarot Meditations: A Reflection Informed by Creation Spirituality and he has been doing “Life Readings” for nearly 30 years.  He also does the unique work of doing tarot readings for our loved ones who have passed on.  Beyond this a feature article was written about him in the Los Angeles Times titled, “Minister Removes Tarot Cards’ Mystery” (January 12, 2001).


Dr. Reich has also been doing Dream Interpretation for nearly 30 years and was trained in Dream Interpretation in his doctoral studies under Dr. Jeremy Taylor, author of The Wisdom of Your Dreams among other books.


Dr. Reich is available for  consultations on

Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from: 12:00-4:00 p.m.

or by appointment at

Forever Enlightened

839 Lincoln Way

Call: (530) 883-8033 or (530) 863-8059

Basmati.com sits down with Dr. Richard Reich-Kuykendall and Basmati editor Jen Wilson as he does a four card Tarot reading with her.



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