David Pearce

David Pearce


David was born and raised in England. At fifteen he realized his calling was to be a teacher. He went to college and graduated with a Bachelors degree in education and a burning desire to come to the U.S. and “explore”. In 1976 he traveled to the U.S. and hitchhiked his way from the East Coast to the West. Settling in San Francisco he pursued his interest in theatre, acting in the Eureka Theater and winning the Bay Area Critics Award to Outstanding Principal Performance in 1979. That same year he began his training at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. In 1982 he was invited to become a full-time teacher there. For the next 14 years he taught and directed several institutes and from ’91 to ’96 he oversaw all nine institutes in California.

In July of 1996 he left the Psychic Institute and took a year sabbatical in England. There he taught in London at a school for children with emotional and behavioral difficulties. He continued to do clairvoyant readings and teach intuitive workshops in England, Holland and Sweden.

Returning to California in 1997 he taught the Clairvoyant Training Program at Aesclepion in San Rafael until June 1998. In September 1998 David and his wife Anne opened Intuitive Way in Walnut Creek. Since it opened hundreds of people have gone through the classes and learned how meditate, give spiritual healing, and read clairvoyantly.

David is known for his ability to make what he teaches simple, accessible and fun. He is committed to helping people develop their intuitive abilities and use them to explore their spiritual nature.

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