Dale Lawrence

Dale Lawrence


Dale is a recognized international speaker, coach and teacher. His messages are based in the truth that everyone has many of the answers they seek within them. “The challenge and the personal growth opportunity lie in embracing the thinking, beliefs and programing that masks these answers or truths”. Dale’s tools and messages are real, particle and tangible. He often says; “it is as simple and difficult as re-awakening this information so we can see it in a different way, embrace it and not be afraid to let it out”.

A gifted and accomplished communicator, Dale's seminars and coaching assist individuals with clarity, obstacle resolution and releasing of old and anti-purpose driven patterns or behaviors. Through healing words and actions, he allows the discovery of needed and the unneeded patterns to be realized, embraced and categorized. Whether that is embracing strengths or releasing restrictive programming, beliefs or understanding our emotional reactive behaviors. All communicated and provided with an ample amount of real truth, personal application methodology and tools, humor and aha realizations.

Diagnosed with terminal Systemic Lupus, in 1975 and surviving heart attacks, transplants and many, many challenges throughout his life, Dale has followed a belief and career path with one driving focus; "Be" and be consciously awake. 

His deep spiritual belief is that no matter our differences or where we seek or look, each of us at some level has an  intense desire to know ourselves better…to know who we are…to know why we are…to know how we get beyond restrictions and embrace a purpose and passion filled life. In his messages Dale says and teaches; “the answers are indeed in reach and within each of us…the key is in the process of awakening the sleeper within”.

Dedicated to helping others on their life path, Dale takes his classes and seminars on a real and tangible roller coaster ride of truth and personal discovery that combined with application tools and tangible engagement, leaves each person with real life solutions, enthusiastically elevated and embracing all that they can and want to “be”.

For more information, please visit My Beliefs My Life or Dale's Facebook page.