Cristie Davis

Life Coach, Spiritual Healing, Spirituality

Karma Cristie has studied the Bible, both the Old and New Testament, Taoism or The Dao, the Kabbalah, The Secret, the Book of Mormon, the Teachings of Buddha,The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale, the works of Shakti Gawain and many more. She has read every book on communication, relationships and self-help that she could get her hands on. Her interests include, but are by no means limited to: yoga, astrology, psychic ability, angels & spirits, symbolism & meaning in dreams, psychology, numerology, and any other non-traditional spiritual subject she could find.

She is…

1. A certified Parent Education & Communication teacher

2. A Minister, non-denominational

3. Mother of 5 adult children, (3 are married so she considers their spouses her children as well). She has 4 daughters and one son

4. Grandmother to 12 *(Something tells her she will need to edit this information often)

5. A Spiritual Life Coach

6. An abuse survivor

By the time Cristie was in high school she was practicing Guided Meditation with her friends with incredible results.

Over the years, she has;

  • Trained with a Reiki Master for 4 years. She learned to harness her own healing energy and use it to benefit others.
  • Lived and studied with a beautifully gifted Shaman for 3 months
  • Studied with and was taught by a renowned psychologist for 5 years
  • Had 6 years of scriptural training classes.
  • Attended numerous 3-4 day workshops and training events throughout the Sierras, Northern California and Oregon on *Healing *Meditation *Yoga * Connecting with our Spirit Guides *Past Life Regression *Soul Retrieval *The Healing Benefits of Crystals *Aromatherapy *Essential Oils
  • Been certified as a Parent Education, Relationship & Communication Instructor. She taught workshops for 15 years. Cristie had many students who were court ordered by the state of California to take her classes to re-gain custody of their children and others who were required by Social Services to pass my workshop in order to adopt a child. She also offered workshops for parents who were simply interested in being the best parents they could possibly be.

A Few Positive Notes From Cristie:

"I believe it is with God's help, Creative Visualization and a Positive and Happy Disposition I have been able to overcome many serious life challenges. I have made exercise and a healthy diet a very important part of my daily life. I do not, nor have I ever, allowed health issues to control my life.  ANYTHING can be overcome with the proper attitude. I honestly practice what I preach. Meditation & Prayer are very instrumental in my life...and it can be in yours as well! Let me help you overcome your greatest challenges!"

As a Mom and Wife;

"ALL of my children have been hospitalized at one time or another, some more than once. I saw my children through Spinal meningitis, osteomyelitis (which almost cost her leg), MRSA, Giardia, broken bones, (LOTS!), stitches, kidney disorders, very serious, life threatening respiratory illnesses, putting one of the kids in intensive care for a week.  Of course the kids got concussions whenever they got around to it and we even went a couple rounds with hand, foot and mouth disease which lead to Scarlet fever and subsequent complications even put one child in a wheelchair for a couple of months. After 21 years of marriage I went through an ugly divorce, aren't they all? But, I am re-married to my high school sweetie now and my children are all grown and in good health. That which did not kill us definitely made us stronger...and happier!"

Why Do I Tell You All of This?

"I am not trying to dazzle anyone with my life’s experiences and I certainly do not ever  want sympathy for the challenges I have dealt with. I believe that life brings with it important lessons and wisdom and if we pay attention and choose growth over self-pity. Positive thinking and gratitude are our greatest weapons against depression and unhappiness. I also believe that a sense of humor is the key to getting through this life. If we look hard enough we can find something to laugh about in just about all of life’s situations, both the good and the bad. Until now, only family and my very closest friends have known of the challenges I have faced. This is all part of my strategy to overcome difficulties. Fake it 'til you make it really is a wonderful philosophy! When I have chosen to tell others about some of the things I have overcome they are usually shocked, telling me that they never had any clue that I had any challenges or difficulties at all. That has always been my goal. The more you talk about your challenges in life, the more power you give those challenges. You give them strength & power. When you focus on a happy, positive attitude you give THAT your strength & power! This is the key to a happy life! I KNOW this firsthand!"






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