Anne Pearce

Anne Pearce


Anne Pearce arrived in Berkeley from Maryland in 1976 and had her first aura reading. She was 19. It was then a few years later that she took her first Meditation Class. This class changed her life. After that first class she wondered why we aren't taught this from birth. The essentials: look both ways before crossing the street, you are sensitive, here is how it effects you and here is how you can better manage. After the second class she believed everyone should know this essential information. It was this realization that lead her to teaching the meditation class curriculum for over 20 years. 

It wasn’t very long in this work that she knew I wanted to do this for the rest of her life. She met David in the beginning classes and they married when they were training to be teachers. Their married life has included travel, raising 2 wonderful children, family, loves and losses. Yet, throughout it all they continued reading, healing and teaching people.

In 1998 they settled down and opened their center and Anne is still as passionate about what she does as she was in that first class. Anne and David's kids have grown and moved on. Anne is now enjoying making mosaic art, being out in nature, bicycling, jogging and camping. It is this 36 years of being an active clairvoyant reader and healer that she brings to the classes and workshop she teaches.

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