Processed People

Processed People

The word “processed” is defined as a continuous action, operation, or series of changes taking place in an indefinite manner. The foods we eat, the way we eat it, the chemicals we put on and into our bodies, what we watch and how often we watch it, etc.: We have become processed people!  

Everything we put into our bodies, especially over extended periods of time, creates some form of change – whether it is negative or positive. For example, someone who has diabetes can go on a raw food diet for a month or two and their bodies will begin changing in a positive way. In many cases they no longer require insulin and if they do still need it the amount is less. This is a positive change. Take this same person with diabetes and feed them processed junk food containing artificial additives for a month or two and they will transform in a negative way instead.

There are many things in our daily lives that contribute to us becoming processed people::

  • The processed food we eat.
  • Chemicals in the daily products we use.
  • Artificial preservatives in foods we eat and products we use.
  • Pesticides that are inhaled, ingested and soaked into our pores.
  • Disconnection with nature.
  • Lost touch with reality; television idols have become more important than the highly important farmer who grows your food.
  • The clothes we choose to adorn ourselves with.

I know a lot of what I just shared seems really negative and that's because it is! These negative changes affect our health, the way children's bodies grow and develop, the environment, and our evolution in general. Our bodies are designed to eventually evolve to certain changes, such as an increase in sugars or salts, as well as going on a diet or eating only organic food. The DNA and make-up of not only our body but also future children's bodies can be altered based on the things we do. Rate of diabetes in children have gone up and in some cases the disease is now hereditary.

Here are some things you can do to help you avoid becoming processed:

  • Be mindful of everything you put into your body. I'm not saying don't indulge or enjoy the sweeter sides of life but everything in life should be used in moderation.
  • Connect with nature more often. It is OK to use the computer or watch television but again -- in moderation.
  • Fill your mind with positive images, movies, music, etc. Depression can be embroidered into the DNA and so can anger issues.  Surrounding yourself with positivity can help combat them.
  • Use natural products as much as possible. Eliminate all of the products you use with artificial flavors and additives, use natural cleansers and make-up, etc.
  • Be who you are! So what if your nose is slightly crooked or your face shows signs of aging -- it is completely natural and normal.

Processed people doesn't have to refer to a negative change but can be a positive change as well. Eating healthy and getting plenty of diet and exercise can create a continuous action, operation, or series of changes that will take place in an indefinite manner. The more positivity we fill ourselves with, the more positivity we have to share with others and the world around us. Stay true and be real is the best advice I can give to those who wish to change for the better.