#WellnessWednesday- Yoga for Life: Week 110


Wellness Wednesday Week 110: Hands Bound Ear Pressure Fierce Pose/ Baddha Hasta Karnapida Utkatasana


Strengthens legs.

Stretches back.

Opens chest.

Foundation & General Alignment:

Knees are bent as in chair pose.

Feet can be hips distance apart or together.

Weight is evenly distributed in feet.

Legs are engaged.

Back is as straight as possible, will not be completely straight but should be mostly straight.

Arms are interlocked behind back and reaching upwards.

Shoulders are as close to knees as possible.

Shoulders are back and away from ears.

Neck is curving with body.

Head is looking down towards floor.

Common Problems:

Legs are not bent enough.

Back is completely curved.


Knees could be completely straight.

Can also be done sitting on shins.

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