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Ayurveda isn’t a new study: it’s been practiced for nearly 6,000 years in India. But it’s endured throughout the years because of its holistic approach to health. Often translated as “the science of life,” Ayurveda looks at each individual’s personal constitution as a mix of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha characteristics; your constitution affects your health, personality, and more.

Check out our comprehensive ebook on all things Ayurveda - from self-care, to recipes, to choosing an exercise that's best for your dosha. Don't know your dosha? We've got you covered there too - the ebook contains a quiz to determine your dosha!

Table of Contents
Part 1: The Basics of Ayurveda
Ayurveda: An Introduction
Basic Ayurveda Principles To Live By What is Ama?
Part 2: The Lowdown on Doshas & Chakras
A Beginner’s Guide to the Doshas
Quiz: What’s Your Ayurvedic Dosha?
The Right Exercise For Your Dosha
Choose a Yoga That Works With Your Dosha
How to Eat For Your Dosha
The Best Tea For Your Dosha
Ayurveda Beauty: Choose an Ubtan For Your Dosha Balancing Ayurvedic Doshas in Relationship Sub-Doshas & How to Best Nourish Them Introduction to the Koshas
Chakras: The Mystical Rainbow in the Spine
The Chakra Series
Part 3: Daily Routines & Rituals for a Modern Ayurveda Lifestyle
Rituals to Start Your Day the Ayurveda Way Start Your Day With Warm Lemon Water
Three Self-Care Techniques For Ayurvedic Health All About the Neti Pot
Bathing the Ayurvedic Way
To Love is to Oil
Abhyanga: Your New Favorite Morning Practice Ayurvedic Oral Health: Tongue Scraping & Oil Pulling The Ayurvedic Siesta & All of Its Magic
Part 4: Mealtime Practices & Ahara
Bringhana Foods: For All Seven Layers of the Self Increase Your Peace Through Whole Foods
The Six Tastes of Ayurveda
The Power of Mealtime Meditation in Three Steps Rethinking Comfort Food—and Healthy Food
Part 5: A Deeper Look at Ayurveda
Mudras of The Five Elements: Healing Hands Panchakarma: Healing From the Inside Out
An Introduction to Marma
Yoga & Ayurveda: Therapy For Harmony & Balance When You Need Rajas
Honoring the Tamasic Nature
Part 6: Ayurveda Seasonal Guide
Tips to Balance Pitta in Summer Ayurveda Summer Skin Tips
Essentials to Ease Fall Transition Balance Your Vata in Autumn Rebalancing Vata With Grounding Foods Shift Your Diet With the Seasons: Fall Ayurveda Winter Skincare Tips
Part 7: Ayurveda for Specific Ailments
Sip On Kadha For Colds: Ayurvedic Herbal Tea A Holistic Approach to Seasonal Allergies
The Ayurveda Way to Soothe Hives
The Ayurvedic Arsenal: Healing a Torn Ligament Four Ayurvedic Methods to Heal Sore Muscles Ayurvedic Hacks For Pain Free Periods
An Ayurvedic Approach to Anxiety How to Use Ayurveda to Quit Smoking
Part 8: Ayurveda Herbs & Ingredients
Tulsi: Queen of All Ayurvedic Herbs
Turmeric: The Root & Remedy of Ayurvedic Healing Ginger: Ayurveda’s Best Kept Secret
The Multiple Benefits of Neem
Healing the Whole Self With Ashwagandha Triphala: The Ancient Ayurvedic Remedy
Moringa Oleifera: Nature’s “Miracle” Tree
Medicinal Uses For Gotu Kola
Shilajit: Food of the Immortals Rocks Your Health An Ayurvedic Approach to Green Tea
An Ayurvedic Wake-Up Call From Almonds
For the Love of Ghee
Seven Amazing Ayurveda Uses For Raisins
The Boosting Benefits of Buttermilk
The Beauty of Rosewater
Part 9: Ayurveda Recipes
Kitchari: A Naturally Cleansing & Balancing Dish Ayurvedic Cool Down: Curd Rice
Rice Pudding: For Emotional and Physical Support Ayurvedic Tummy Calmer: Ginger Garlic Broth The Healing Benefits of Ginger Tea
Fall Foods: Mixed Mushrooms On Toast Serve Up Stinging Nettle
Golden Milk Recipe
Ayurveda-Inspired Apple Crisp
Trotter (Paya) Soup: A Tamasic Dish That Nourishes

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