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Throat Chakra On Rudrani Necklace

Visudda Chakra The Throat Chakra rules creativity, communication and growth (in this case, growth as a form of expression). Its name means “Pure”. I communicate, I am a teacher I fearlessly express my truth and hear the sound of the Universe. Focusing our energy on this chakra allows us to resonate with multiple levels of Vibration. It brings increased mental clarity, and the ability to transmit and receive the Truth. The element of this chakra is Ether. The color of the Visudda is blue The stone used is AQUAMARINE. Aquamarine brings us mental clarity, spiritual inspiration, purification, and tranquility. Wearing this stone helps us enhance our self expression while it refines our intuition and perception. The mantra for this chakra, as shown in Sanskrit on the reverse side of your amulet is ham Rudrani Necklace Thought of as the female counterpart to the male Rudraksha seed, the rare and precious Rudrani is a sacred seed born of the Rudraksha tree. When the tree is in full blossom, the Rudrani seeds are shed from it’s blossoms and collected for their blessings. In India the Rudrani is often kept in places of worship alongside the Rudraksha to symbolize the union of Siva and Shakti—the divine meeting of male and female principles. This product is also available in Pure Silver and copper repousse with 24k fused gold. Other lengths available of Rudrani chain. Chakra also available in Medium (1") and large (1 1/4") Please contact Karla for more information.
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