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Pomegranate & Argan Antioxidant Oil Serum - Raw & Organic

Your skin craves vitamins and nutrients. This potent blend of raw, organic oils, rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids and beta-carotenes, penetrates deep into tissue layers to provide a uniquely holistic solution for most skin-type problems. This unique serum is not just for the women in your household! Combine it with Cucumber & Calendula Nutrient Mist to create a tailor-made emulsion to calm and balance a teen's oily or blemished skin; to calm & restore men's skin after shaving; or to restore radiance to mature or photo-aged skin.

*Antioxidant: Neutralizes damaging free radicals. Pomegranate, argan and pumpkin oils protect against wrinkles caused by oxidation.

* Anti-aging: Boosts cell regeneration and increases skin's elasticity. Argan oil contains sterolins which improve skin's metabolism, reduces inflammation and promotes excellent moisture retention.

* Irritation calming & restorative: Calms and repairs a wide variety of skin conditions including UV damaged, dehydrated, irritated or blemished skin. Oils of sea buckthorn and tamanu help to restore skin damaged by age, exposure and trauma. Calendula herbal oil soothes and helps to regenerate new skin cells.

How To Use

After cleansing and hydrating, smooth one or two pumps onto moist skin. Alternatively, add a pump of serum into your palm, followed by several sprays of facial mist of choice. Rub hands together to create the perfect emulsion for your skin's needs. Oilier complexions might benefit from more hydrating mist and less oil, while a drier or irritated complexion might benefit from using a higher percentage of oil. Follow-up with Raspberry & Green Tea Daily Defense for daytime or Calendula Blossom & Rose Night Cream in the evening if desired.
NOTE: Every couple of weeks or so, give your serum bottle a shake. Since there are slight variances in oil densities, a little layering will happen over time. This is easily remedied by shaking.

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