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From Pink to Blue and Back Again

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Children are born with it. Most adults have long forgotten it. For many of us, our individual Truth of Being and Life Purpose are hidden inside, shut down, locked in a dark room since a young age when we felt a need to protect ourselves due to the words and actions of others.

Well, good news! Marilyn Lawrence’s From Pink to Blue is back!

In this second edition, re-titled From Pink to Blue and Back Again, Lawrence reveals a single Concept that shows adults how to empower children to reach their full potential. In addition to poignant teaching stories that illustrate how to support children to be who they are intended to be, From Pink to Blue and Back Again includes a simple step-by-step workbook for adults to rediscover and realign themselves with their own purpose.

In a word, Lawrence gives children and adult’s permission to be different…unique, the unique they were born to be.

Whether you wish to support children on their path or awaken and heal your injured inner child, there’s no better way to start or continue the quest than with From Pink to Blue and Back Again!

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