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Lime -n - Coconut Soap, Lime and Coconut, Coconut Soap, 100% Natural, Handmade Soap, Handcrafted, Soap

"Put da Lime in da Coconut and this is what you get!" A pure soap with a coconut scrub built in! This fusion of lime zest and coconut will gently scrub and exfoliate while the cocoa butter will leave your skin nourished. A favorite among many.

Citrus fruits are known for their beneficial effects on the skin and lime is no exception. Lime juice, when applied topically, benefits your skin in several ways. Being rich in powerful antioxidants like Vitamin C, citric acid, lime provides the following benefits to your skin:

Treats Acne And Blemishes:
The antibiotic properties of lime juice inhibit the growth of the acne causing bacteria.

Anti-Aging Properties:
With the progression of age and the exposure to UV rays, melanin that imparts color to your skin, can build up and get accumulated in your skin, giving rise to dark spots and other signs of aging. Scrubbing your skin with lime peel or applying a product containing bits of lime peel can significantly reduce this hyper-pigmentation.

Treats Open Pores:
Astringents are effective in causing temporary tightening of muscles. That is the reason why they are often used in beauty and skincare products for improving the appearance of your facial skin. Lime oil possesses astringent properties and can be used to tighten pores and temporarily reduce oil production to provide a brighter and flawless complexion.

Removal Of Dead Skin:
The citric acid present in lime peels can slough off dead skin cells.

Other Benefits:
Lime helps rejuvenate your skin and protects it from infections with the antioxidants, disinfectant and antibiotic properties. The presence of a large amount of Vitamin C in lime juice helps reduce body odor and sweat. When applied externally on your skin, it helps treat bruises and rashes.

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Note: Artful Soap Co. is not a laboratory or medical facility and makes no guarantees to the treatment of ailments. This product is not intended to medically treat any ailment. Consult a physician if irritation persists. Results may vary and information used is based on consumer feedback and public knowledge.

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