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Inlight Nyp & Baby Balm

Product highlights:
100% organic Nyp & Baby Balm works to soothe sore nipples during breastfeeding and to give relief to those tender but sometimes sore baby bottoms.
With its high concentration of calendula, Nyp & Baby balm has been formulated to support both mums & babies during their precious time of bonding at the very start of life.

Nyp: Whilst nursing, nipples can often become sore and cracked and it is so important to keep the skin well moisturised and hydrated. Packed with a range of bio-active botanical ingredients with healing and soothing properties, 100% organic Nyp & Baby balm works to soothe and repair sore nipples during breastfeeding.

Baby: Nappy rash is one of the most common skin irritations in the early stages of a baby’s life, caused or aggravated by contact with the contents of a nappy. Our pure and 100% organic Nyp & Baby balm with its high content of calendula helps prevent soreness and reduce redness, giving relief to those tender but sometimes sore baby bottoms.

Our aim: to deliver an effective, safe, completely plant-based organic product to help mums and babies smile all the way through.

All ingredients in Nyp & Baby balm are food grade and do not alter the flavour of the maternal milk. Free from synthetics, alcohol, water, lanolin*.
*Lanolin is the greasy discharge from a sheep’s sebaceous glands, and is used in many cosmetic products including breastfeeding and nappy rash creams. Although highly soothing, often lanolin contains a heavy load of pesticides as the wool is bathed in chemicals to remove parasites before the lanolin is scoured out of it.
For the whole family: very rich in calendula extract, Nyp & Baby is a multipurpose soothing balm for any delicate skin and ideal for the whole family – not just mums and babies. One to keep with you at all times.

Key benefits:

soothes and hydrates
protects and repairs

Key features:
formulated by skin expert Dr Mariano Spiezia
oil-based, water-free formulas
high concentration of phytonutrients
all bio-active plant extracts produced in-house
100% organic, free from synthetics and chemical fragrances

During pregnancy
Gently massage a little Nyp & Baby Balm into the breast every day, working outwards from the nipple in a circular motion, to help promote hydration and elasticity in preparation for breastfeeding.

When breast-feeding
Before feeding: cleanse the nipple with a muslin cloth or cotton wool and plenty of warm boiled water. (Please note that this is a matter of hygiene, as the Nyp & Baby Balm is in no way harmful to the baby).
After feeding: rinse the nipple well and gently massage a tiny amount of Nyp & Baby Balm onto the nipple area.

Nappy rash
Gently massage a little Nyp & Baby Balm onto the skin as often as required to soothe or prevent redness or soreness. The oil-based formula repels water to protect against dampness.

This product has been formulated with sensitive skins in mind, and with its unique, 100% organic, synthetic-free formula, is safe to use on skins of all ages, including infants. If in any doubt as to sensitivity to one of the ingredients, we recommend conducting a patch test for 24 hours on an area of healthy skin before applying to the appropriate area.

Nyp Balm does not alter the flavour of maternal milk and is safe for babies thanks to its 100% organic and food-grade ingredients. There is no need to wash off the product between or prior to feeds.

Shelf-life of 36 months
Certified organic by Soil Association and Cosmos
Cruelty Free International
We recommend storing in a cool, dry, dark place
Vegetarian friendly

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