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Harmonizing Bracelet - Amethyst, Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Shungite, Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline -
Powerful protective stone
Grounds energies
Transmutes negative energy into positive energy
Helps with positive thinking
Protects from electromagnetic frequencies from computers, cell phones etc.
Root Chakra
To Learn more about Black Tourmaline read (here)
Amethyst -

Spiritual growth
Enhance psychic abilities
Increases focus
Harmonizes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies
Improves motivation
Beneficial for dream states
Third Eye, Crown Chakras
Moonstone -

Emotional healing
Reduces anxiety
Activates intuition
Beneficial for PMS
Develops metaphysical abilities
Enhances lucid dreaming
Third Eye, Solar Plexus Chakras
Rose Quartz -

Enhances love of self and others
Attracts love
Heals emotional wounds and traumas
Protection during pregnancy
Brings compassion
Heart Chakra
Shungite -

Ancient healing stone - restores what is beneficial, eliminates was is not beneficial
Psychic protection
Contains rejuvenating properties
Protects from harmful electromagnetic radiation and high frequency electromagnetic emissions
Brings growth and transformation
Powerful purifying, cleansing and detoxifying properties
Beneficial for stress and anxiety
Root chakra
Bead size: 8 mm - 10 mm round. AAA grade genuine natural gemstones.

Length: The standard size bracelet is 7 inches. Measure your wrist for the perfect fit and select size. XS-6.5 inches, S-7 inches, M-7.5 inches, L-8 inches. (If your wrist measures 6 inches go up approx 1/2 - 1 inch depending on how tight you want it).

Comes smudged with sage and charged with healing Reiki energy and positive intentions.

Includes silk pouch.

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