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A Donavan Memory

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Everyone has one … a memory so vivid that it instantly, if even for just a moment, thrusts the heat of passion deep from within. A smoldering heat from a place and time that had been put aside, once forgotten, stirring memories that dance through the body and evoke a flushed smile. “A Donavan Memory.”
Amidst the complexities of characters that could be found in “any-little-town” USA, follow the path of a woman as she not only rediscovers her passion, but the fulfillment of redefining herself. Gabrielle Montsavor (“Gabby”) was forced to start her life over after an unexpected tragedy, having no idea what fate had planned for her. Seeking a simpler life after the chaos of what seemed like a lifetime, the small town of Bowmont appeared to be the perfect place. The town, filled with white picket fences and only 2 stop-lights, was the kind of place that Gabby had dreamed about. In her mind, it would provide the perfect landing, a place to fade away and heal old wounds.
Little did she know the town held many things for her, the least being a simple life. Gabby was quickly swept in to the town’s pulse, including the introduction of some of the area’s most eligible men. One in particular light a fire deep within, from a place that Gabby had thought was blockaded off, feelings that truthfully she had forgotten about, lost in the blur of what was.
However, it’s the bond that builds between Gabby and an elderly woman Violet, that delivers the biggest surprise and true messages of life, taking her on a path of enlightenment and self-discovery that not only changes her, but the lives of all she touches.
The women sit together for countless hours in Violet’s curio store as Violet patiently and lovingly shares with Gabby information that seems to bridge the path of time, along with playfully educating her with many of the personalities of the ‘town folk’.
As Gabby’s relationship with Brad, a local rancher, grows with intensity, so does her life.

Gabby reaches out to help the owners of a small motel Bertha and Roy, whom she met while initially exploring the surrounding areas. Much by accident, Bertha and Roy confide in Gabby their “secret”, one that had burdened them for years. Their story touches and compels Gabby to help the kind older couple. The secret though, turns out to be a surprisingly challenging situation with a sorted past of its own.
A surprise ‘twist’ in the end leaves readers in a somewhat stunned state, as their minds race through the truths they thought they knew.

A Donavan Memory is a beautiful spiritual romance that is filled with lessons of life from an elderly woman that turns out to be much more than a dear friend. Many of the lessons have been brilliantly penned and compiled in a guide at the end of the story and entitled, “Violet’s Tips, Tools and Teachings.”

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