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The Chakra Mandala incorporates 7 stones which resonate with our 7 primary chakras.
It represents the body in its fully awake and balanced state. The Square on the outside has 4 entry points, or “doorways”. This represents your connection to the 4 directions of the physical world, and your awareness of all life going on around you.

Around the central circle— which represents you— you will find the following—
The Muladhara uses Ruby.
The stone of passion, the energy of Ruby is that of the compassionate heart.
The Swadisthana uses Coral Coral represents the energy of life force, and the creative energy of kundalini.
The Manipurak uses Yellow Sapphire.Yellow Sapphire helps us to attune to the support of the Universe, which gifts us with positive outcomes.
The Anahatha uses Emerald
Wearing Emerald has the effect of refining our consciousness. It also brings inspiration and attracts abundance.
The Visudda uses Turquoise
Turquoise supports us in our journey towards integration and clarity of self-expression.
The Ajana uses Blue Sapphire.
Blue Sapphire brings with it a feeling of great peace and inner calm while helping us find and follow our Life’s path.
The Sahashara uses or White Topaz
White topaz purifies emotions and actions while activating cosmic consciousness.

At the center is Moonstone, representing your atunement to the Divine.

Moonstone opens one to "feminine" qualities-receptivity, sensitivity, intuition, and clairvoyance. It brings about peace of mind and the fruition of love in our lives.

Gold: 24K fused gold on repousse copper. Aprox. 1 1/2” diameter
Silver: repousse pure silver. Aprox. 1 1/2” diameter
Copper: repousse copper. Aprox. 1 1/2” diameter

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