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Bhoga Infinity Bench

Furniture for Life - Bhoga Infinity Bench is heirloom quality bench and footstool which also serves as a super-versatile yoga, Pilates and fitness prop!
Comes in two size and two colors! Natural or honey —14" high x 24" wide x 19" long and/or 9" high x 22" wide x 17" long.
— Flared legs create a solid foundation for ultra stability and support. The flared legs are easy to grip while giving great support for stability in any direction.
— Rounded end arches are shaped to create comfortable, ergonomic grips for the natural position of hands and feet.
— End arches are ideally suited for the curvature of the hands and feet. They also contour comfortably for mild to moderate back stretches. Stretching of any body area can easily be supported in a healthful way to achieve your goals.
— The Infinity Bench is like having your own personal Sherpa guide to balanced alignment.
— Belts, resistance bands or other accessories can be looped thru the notches for a multitude of uses.
— Precision alignment effortlessly.
Bhoga Tools all have easily identifiable center points and paired guideposts that are equidistant from the center line. Effortless placement for balanced action.
The Bhoga Infinity Bench is a forward bender, back bender, yoga chair, halasana bench, uttanasana stool, block and setu bandha bench (linking 2 together) all in one sturdy and finely constructed piece of ‘furniture’.
Made of beautiful, eco-friendly rubber tree wood. This is a type of very hard wood and is also one of the most sustainable trees in the world.
Includes a 54 page online color guidebook

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