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Bhoga Chair Set

The Bhoga Infinity Chair and Bhoga Infinity Bench are a powerful blend of ancient wisdom with innovative, contemporary design. The Infinity Chair is the first and only chair that is both heirloom quality furniture (no hardware/all joinery) that is super-ergonomic but is also an awesome super-versatile prop for extensive yoga, Pilates or fitness practice. Eco-friendly and ergonomic, the silky smooth finish invites exploration. Every surface, line and curve, invites touch while providing support for stretching, strengthening and relaxing. The intelligent design features beautifully integrated guideposts for optimum body alignment. Sturdy, graceful arches support decompression and lengthening where needed and wanted. Sitting cross-legged, feet to the ground, or with feet on, or over the bench, the Bhoga Infinity Chair Set naturally encourages balanced weight distribution in any position. With minimal physical effort, the body will be more spacious, light, strong and balanced. It is enjoyable when we experience the feelings of increasing balance, openness and strength progressively. When something is enjoyable, we naturally want to do it more and more. More and more freedom of movement, fuller range of motion, less stress in joints and less soreness/pain in muscles!
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