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28 Day Sculpting Challenge, Utilizing Energy Magnetism to Sculpt the Life You Want to Live

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Your 28 Day Sculpting Challenge is a devotion to energy.
In 28 days, you will:
 Gain knowledge of how the energy vibrations you send out via words, thoughts and actions; most of the time without cognizant involvement, is attracting to you the life you are living…both the good experiences, and the not so good experiences.
 Learn how to channel, control and be consciously aware so that you can sculpt the life you want to live, by utilizing the simple Magnetic Formula of the Law of Energy Attraction.
 Create a vision of the life you want to live.
 Take proven steps to get there.

When you become aware of how a simple shift in energy vibrations will change what you attract, you can begin sculpting the life you want to live, rather than have your life “live you.”

Interestingly, and most often, the visions one desires to sculpt for themselves coincide with their mission statement/purposes for life.

 Receive emails with step-by-step assignments geared at creating the shifts needed to reach your vision in-line with your highest and greatest good for this life. The assignments draw attention to your focus, emphasize your vision, and gently hand you back the steering wheel to your life.
 Learn to identify triggers that create resistance and stagnant thinking.
 Learn techniques for letting go of the “gunk” that is holding you back.
 You will receive an email a day for the first two weeks. Three emails a week for the final two weeks. I will be available to assist via email with challenges.
A). Two, 1-Hour Coaching calls-
 1- Hour Coaching Conference Call: Clearing your mind space- Interactive call With Marilyn and Dale. ($200.00 value). Inclusive of a recording of the call.
 1-Hour Coaching Call: Leveraging Challenges to Create Momentum- Interactive call with Dale Lawrence ($125.00). Inclusive of recording of the call.
B). One, 60-minute Private Session with Marilyn Lawrence, ($75.00 value).
C). Weekly Soul Journey- 5-minute message from Marilyn and/or Dale.
D). 28-Day Sculpting Challenge workbook. ($12.95 value)
E). Membership access to the Private 28 Day Challenge Facebook page. Interact with other participants, gain commodore, share experiences, grow together, boast drive, and watch for exclusive tips from Marilyn and Dale.
F). Sculpted Vision Materializing- (Priceless)

Cost $150.00
Repeating the course- $125.00

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