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How to practice a Forgiveness Meditation to free yourself of negative emotions and grudges that weigh on your mind, body and soul. 
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Astringent taste isn’t one of the more common flavors in Ayurveda, but it is an essential one. This taste is particularly useful during periods of...
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Aloe vera does more than cure a sunburn. It can be consumed as a juice, used for medicinal properties, and added to a variety of cosmetics.
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Also known as sun-eating, the practice of staring into the sun at sunrise and sunset is an age-old technique for stimulating the...
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It all started 40 years ago, when our food supplies lost a valuable friend replaced by a sinister antagonist. Since then, we have been struggling to...
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 Skip the Ibuprofen and try a natural Ayurvedic approach to relieve sore muscles