Valerie Okunami

Valerie Okunami


Valerie Okunami has found that it is possible to use her experience as a thriving media entrepreneur to emerge successfully in an entirely different field, in this case operating workplace yoga and yoga teacher training programs.

Ms. Okunami began her media career in 1988 in Concord, Calif., as a sales executive for a local radio station. From there she moved to ever larger broadcast outlets until she joined the staff of NBC affiliate KCRA in Sacramento. She earned numerous awards in sales during this time.

In 1992, she set forth on her own with her Okunami Media advertising agency. She has been flying under her own power ever since.

In 2005, the agency expanded to include publishing a Sacramento edition of the national magazine Builder/Architect. Onto that, she added a Sacramento edition of the national medical publication, MD News. In a stroke of seeming clairvoyance, the first cover of Ms. Okunami’s MD News featured Bill Barcellona, vice president of governmental affairs for the California Association of Physician Groups (CAPG), the voice of accountable care physician groups. That was in 2006. The next year she founded CAPG Health magazine, of which she remains the publisher. The tri-yearly magazine’s national circulation is growing as managed care gains more attention with implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

All during her years of building her media operations, Ms. Okunami maintained a keen interest in health and physical fitness. As an undergraduate business major at Sacramento State, she worked as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. In 2000, yoga became a major part of her fitness regime and it grew in intensity until she found herself a certified yoga instructor teaching the practice and now training yoga instructors.

In 2009 she founded Okunami Workplace Yoga,Inc. conducting yoga classes for employees at the workplace and later, in 2015,  managing the Pulse Power Yoga Studio in Sacramento. In September 2014, she created a Registered Yoga School called Bizi Yogi, a 200 certified program that trains people to become Yoga Alliance teachers.

In November 2015 she became a radio talk show host of a weekly radio show called Bizi Yogi on a popular international digital radio network  Her show is about health & wellness. She interviews guests who practice various healing modalities.

Valerie has logged in over 4000 hours of teaching yoga so far and does not plan on stopping anytime soon. She is also a Master Reiki practitioner. Valerie is a natural teacher and thrives on helping people learn to be healthy on all levels of being and teaches her students to listen to their heart, where all the wisdom lies.

You can hear Valerie's latest talk shows by visiting the Bizi Yogi KCOR Radio page.