Danielle Kutchuk


Danielle Kutchuk is a healer first and foremost, and a writer second, third, and fourth-most. She has a formal background in psychology and communications, and a less formal but equally intentional background in all things holistic wellness. She believes that wellness is both our natural state and our birthright, and seeks to stoke the flames of healing within each sweet sack of stardust (a.k.a. human) she encounters. In her pursuit of the ever-evolving skillset that will allow her to hone in on the best combination of healing modalities for each individual she works with, Danielle is a perpetual student of the healing arts-- studying yoga, Ayurveda, cognitive and somatic psychology, philosophy, alternative medicine, meditation, music, anthropology, sacred geometry, spirituality, literature, poetry, energy healing, consciousness, sound healing, and anything else that will allow her to spark the innate healing power that already exists within each individual. She is thrilled to be here sharing with, learning from, and most importantly, connecting to a community of like-minded cultivators of consciousness.