Ursula Squire


Ursula grew up in Durango, Colorado – a small town with a pretty natural or earthy vibe. Her father is a local beekeeper there. From a young age the healing power of honey, propolis, and other natural tinctures was instilled in her. She took college classes like Medicinal Crops and Agricultural Issues in Society. Ursula majored in Philosophy, which focused a lot on the different ways cultures perceive the world, and she fell in love with notions of self-healing practices. After college, Ursula moved to Portland, Oregon for graduate school. It is in Portland where her biggest devotion to environmental sustainability took place.  She received an MS in political science, with a specialization in environmental policy. Her thesis argues against the use of neonicotinoid pesticides due to their sweeping, negative impact on pollinators. Ultimately, Ursula believes that we should use the phenomenal technological power we have harnessed as a way to move closer to the earth and all it provides us, instead of away.