Melissa Hill, FDN-P

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

Melissa grew up in the foothills of northern California with a family that ate healthy and grew an organic garden before that was the thing to do. She had an understanding of how plants, herbs, and food could be medicinal and healing. Her family would commonly choose a tea over a prescription to heal their ailments. Early on, Melissa developed a deep understanding of the important impact that food and nutrients have on our minds and bodies – for both health and performance. She soon began her formal education in kinesiology, corporate wellness, and nutrition. After college, she began working in the health industry doing health and fitness coaching. During that time, it was common knowledge and dogma that nutrition was all about calories. Weight loss was supposed to be simple equation of calories in, calories out. But after years of observation, she found this not to be true. And if people did respond to this common deprivation method to lose weight, they were mentally, emotionally, or physically un-well. It became apparent that our bodies need nourishment – specific nutrients – in order to thrive. And, if it’s nourished, every single part works better and naturally becomes its best self, which in turn helps the whole organism (YOU) become your best self. This is the way to true health and performance. Nourish yourself with real nutritious food that is right for you. Marrying her experience and education, she became an FDN Practitioner, allowing her to fill in gaps between food, nutrition, and health. Using a holistic and functional medicine approach, Melissa works with clients all over the world, helping them get to the root cause of their health challenges to achieve optimal health and well-being.