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The Earth is a treasure chest full of magical tools for healing and alignment. The very ground we walk on is made up of crystals and metals that are vibratory in nature and affect our very being. By learning the properties and vibratory qualities of different stones and metals, we can partner with them to adjust our own personal vibration, align with the pulse of the earth, heal ourselves, and live more authentically.

The usefulness of these stones is due to the vibrational frequency they contain—in the form of light and color. Just like the color spectrum is measured in density of light, so do stones contain trapped light frequencies, as well as various minerals, which add to their vibratory properties. Since we are made up of vibration, the use of gemstones can assist us in raising our vibration and moving toward a state of health and healing.

Learn more about a variety of healing crystals and stones -- including some traditional ones, like emeralds, as well as some that might be new to you, like boji stones.  Find out what each stone is commonly used for and how to use it in your own life.  You can also read about individual experiences with some of these stones.We've also included a Zodiac birthstone guide that indicates which birthstones are associated with each sign of the Zodiac.  This guide isn't only useful to help teach you more about your own birthstone, but can be used to rotate through different stones year round in accordance with the best astrological support for each one's strengths.  See how much your year can change if you spend time with these 12 different stones and the intention to evolve.


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