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Just like the body has nerve plexuses which bundle together hundreds of nerves in order to distribute them to various regions of the body, so too does the body have energy plexuses, also known as chakras, which allow one to “step down” energy from the higher realms into the physical body.

There are seven main chakras in the body situated along the spine, as well as several “outside” the body which connect a person to the earth and to higher dimensional planes, including universal awareness.  These chakras are intimately related to the level of consciousness one is able to access as well as the degree to which areas of the body are able to maximize their potentiality. Intentionally working with the chakras can help them awaken and help one progress on their journey.

Learn more about each of the seven chakras, including what stored emotions they correspond to, the indicators of closed versus open chakras, and how to empower yourself to use your chakras to access a greater understanding of Self.  The book also includes information on using yoga and essential oils to activate each chakra.


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