Redefining Father’s Day: Happy Masculine Day

Three hearts saying "Happy Father's Day."

Tradition, via collective society, creates a habit of having a special day, as we do for our Mothers, that acknowledges and celebrates the Fathers in our lives. Historically, the hunters of the tribes, the men carried the title "the man of the house." Fathers are the protectors of their families. Expected to make the major, big time decisions in regards to security, finance and overall wellbeing of others, I venture to add they are considered, still to this day, the mascots of the family name. The Mothers of the tribes were always looked upon as the gatherers and the loving glue that held the family together. The Father issued the orders and his loving, faithful wife carried them out and made sure the rest of the troops obeyed.

The Father has always been considered the dominant force. If necessary, force was used to achieve any desired result. In that context force equals masculinity. This has been the given “norm” throughout the ages. I know I was conditioned and raised to think that way. When you think about it, those are big pants to fill. However, as I matured I began to see and experience those views differently.

It's time for a new definition for Father's Day. I can energetically feel it. The time is NOW. Please set aside a few minutes and follow me.

In my case, my father was always a thinker and introvert. Never one to jump into action right away, Dad let my biological mother handle home affairs. She was a control freak—an angry control freak. She didn't like making all of the decisions, and when my father did, she didn't like them. Mother loved my brother, father, and I but as I grew up and morphed into adulthood she found it more difficult to express her love because of her anger at life in general.

My mom was constantly forcing her way to get whatever she wanted with, sometimes, not so pleasant results. Constantly scolding my father in one way or another, she was losing touch with her femininity slowly while at the same time yearning to experience more of it. Dad took the passive aggressive approach and wouldn't verbally defend himself at all, yet beat himself up for not wanting to be more aggressive. Because of “traditional views” I saw my dad as weak. Therefore, I grew up with misperceptions of masculinity and femininity. 

The Masculine & Feminine in Energy Work

Energy work on myself has changed my own views from collective society's conditioned programs. From an energy worker’s perspective, our bodies contain the two energy frequencies of the feminine and masculine, our gifts from the Divine spirit. The two give birth to the Divine Child. All form the unity of family.

But this is where the road block begins. The collective takes this literally and divides the roles of men do “men stuff,” women do “women stuff,” and the children do “children stuff.” Thus, we externalize qualities and attributes without realizing we're giving away our inherited divine powers and virtues. I've come to realize Feminine and Masculine attributes aren't regulated to specific people based on their gender. On the contrary. Feminine and Masculine energies are within all of us regardless of our bodies. As energetic light beings it's important to keep the two frequencies balanced as we grow on our perspective journeys. In order for the collective to heal as a whole, it's our responsibility to seek the union of the energies WITHIN us first.

What is Masculine Energy?

It's important for the male to see that force doesn't mean power. Real power doesn't come from dominating anyone. Real power is the recognition of the necessity of these two energies merging as one and only then acting from the feelings of our heart. Men and women need to learn how to reconnect with both before continuing on their life's journey. They expect the “other” to do their duties and only those duties. They're encouraged to neglect one energy or the other through media, social venues, and society in general. Looking for any connection “out there,” or having anger, loneliness, discontent of any kind, is a sign of our disconnection from Source. It's all lopsided and creates chaos, inside and out.

Masculine Energy is about letting go of fear and being compassionate. Getting rid of the ego and becoming humble. To be strong is acting from the heart and allowing life to unfold and not worrying about controlling it and others. When a man truly loves himself he has no need for the “brain noise”/ego and becomes selfless, which can lead to being of service to others. I know for me it was only when I began to forgive myself was I able to be forgiving towards others. Instead of forcing anything on anyone I've learned to pause, be silent, and listen. It's interesting to notice the same letters exist in “silent” and “listen.” Listening from my Heart is more simple and direct from Source, as opposed to untangling the web of external information and circumstances. 

As I reflect on my upbringing and conditioned views of the Feminine and Masculine roles I've come to realize it's not a matter of depending on one or the other but the expressions of the union of both. 

So carrying on with tradition and having a special day to celebrate either the Masculine or Feminine is cool as long as we understand the bigger context of the two energies merging as one. This is the new perspective of masculinity. This is divine power as it's meant to be lived, loved and shared. This is the redefining of Father’s Day.



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