3 Green Beauty Trends To Look Out For In 2018

Do you love following the latest trends? Then pull up a chair and have a seat: I've got the in on some insanely big trends coming to the green beauty industry. Green beauty is great because you don't have to worry about any synthetic ingredients in your products. That said, some green beauty brands really know how to spark a movement, and these are the ones you should be watching most. To stay on top of what to expect for the new year, here are three green beauty trends to look out for in 2018.  

Clean cosmetics get a bold makeover

Natural makeup is fantastic, and seriously worth the investment. After all, it's better for you than anything synthetic. That said, it's hard to find clean cosmetics that deliver both staying power and pigmentation (though, not impossible). Thankfully, it appears most brands are overcoming that problem and releasing more than just "natural-look" cosmetics. Be prepared to see a slew of bright cosmetics for cheeks, lips, and eyes this coming year!  

This is perfect for women who enjoy bolder, less natural looks, but don't want to sacrifice their health to get it. One of my personal favorite brands for cosmetics is 100% Pure. They offer such a wide selection of lipstick, eyeshadow, and blush colors, all made from fruit pigments. Think pomegranate, cherry, plum, and blueberries—along with other all-natural ingredients (like shea and cocoa butter). Their lipsticks even come in a bunch of different finishes ranging from high gloss to semi-matte. To find the perfect bold lip for you, check out 100% Pure's super informative lipstick guide. Luk Beautifood also sells really bold, all-natural lipsticks with smoothie-like ingredients. That said, if you really want really bold eyeshadow shades, be sure to check out Josephine Cosmetics (particularly The Eye Opener line), Nu Evolution eyeshadow, and Au Naturale Cosmetics (particularly their Swipe-On Essential Eye Pencils). As far as bold cheeks go, any of the brands mentioned above will do too. 

Crystal, celestial, and otherworldly skincare will be everywhere

Are you into crystals and celestial bodies? Good news: All things lunar, solar powered, and crystal-themed will be having a huge moment in 2018. It's already starting now: The New York Times called 2017 the year of "the great crystal boom." Soon enough, you'll be seeing crystal, solar, and lunar-infused skincare goodies all over your Instagram feed. It's arguably one of the biggest trends in the green beauty industry. 

One of my favorite lunar-inspired brands is Moon Body Soul. This unearthly shop sells lunar-inspired bath time treats that indulge the inner moon goddess in all of us.  They offer everything from soothing moon ball bath bombs to exfoliating moon body scrub. The owner and founder, Katiee, firmly believes in the magical healing energy of the moon. That translates really well into her products, which offer a spiritual benefit that other bath-time products don't have.  

Another standout brand is Girl Undiscovered, which offers a three-piece collection of facial care items hand-made in New Zealand. The catch? The entire line is all crystal-infused. Plus, there's a jar of crystals meant to be used in conjunction with their Stars Aligning Organic Face elixir. Talk about an otherworldly experience! 

Other brands to be on the lookout for include Moonlit Skincare (try their Midnight Shift Overnight Facial Oil if you want to banish wrinkles), Little Moon Essentials (definitely try their $6 sleep-inducing body salve), and Terra Luna Beauty (they make astronomically-named tub soaks worth indulging in). 

Ayurvedic beauty hits the shelves

Thanks to Ayurveda, the next wave of our favorite beauty imports is coming from the Middle East and South Asia. Brands are taking ancient wisdom and applying it to modern day beauty products. That essentially means Ayurvedic beauty is coming your way and you better get excited about it! 

One brand that's doing this is Reshma Beauty: Their bar soaps are seriously luxurious and a nice change of pace for your daily face wash. But that's not all: Reshma Beauty has a super inexpensive turmeric soap that helps control inflammation and hydrate the skin. It leaves a protective layer of antioxidants to ward off free-radical damage from the environment, too. How cool is that, considering we all know how beneficial turmeric is? 

That's not all though: Another brand, Elements Truffles, has created a line of beauty chocolates (yes, you can eat them) that are inspired by Ayurveda. They're raw, dairy-free, and completely organic. Cacao and honey are great for your skin, so ingesting this will leave you pretty guilt-free. They also have formulas with other spices (like cardamom) and rose extract for additional beauty benefits (and pretty cool flavors). Yet another brand, Ranavat Botanics, also garners inspiration from Ayurveda. They produce all-natural masks and complementary toners (which they refer to as 'toniques'). The coolest part? They're all pulled straight from ancient Ayurvedic rituals and ingredients. You might have a hard time choosing which you want though: They're all so luxurious and expertly crafted!  

So, which is your favorite green beauty trend for 2018? Would you give any of these a try?  

Disclaimer: There is no financial affiliation with the brands/products mentioned in this article.


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