Birthstone Series: Clarify & Focus With Carnelian & Quartz For Virgo

Carved heart Carnelian birthstone

With the sun moving through the constellation of Virgo we are influenced by the element of earth and Virgo’s strong organizational and precise way of viewing the world. In order to more easily connect to what Virgo offers, both the clear quartz crystal as well as the carnelian stone can help offer both heightened precision as well as grounding support for the month.

When we move into the perfection-loving sign of Virgo there is something within us that is spurred into action in order to help make our lives more aligned to the truth of who we are. It might be as simple as the organization of a bedroom drawer or as complex as releasing someone in our lives, but either way, attuning to clear quartz can help bring clarity of mind to these critical choices as well as help us hold the intention of what we truly wish to have in our lives.

Connect & Cleanse With Carnelian

Carnelian is an opaque stone that boasts a red, red/orange color and is therefore very much aligned with and supportive to the lower chakras. These psychic centers emphasize our ability to stay grounded and connected to earth energy which shows up in our lives as how we best feel safe and secure, and what is foundational to us. When Virgo is on the scene, the use of carnelian stone helps to direct our desire to organize and bring order to the area of our lives which is house and home. This may mean a thorough cleanse, a decluttering, or even a move or a change in occupants. Carnelian working with Virgo energies helps us to really connect deeply to what is “home” for us and to help us to bring that forward into existence in a way that feels very rooted and grounded. It is the resonance of a strong foundation and one on which we can grow our lives and the things we love with greater confidence and surety.

Refine Your Focus With Clear Quartz

Using clear quartz with the Virgo vibe in full swing is a very powerful combination. Clear quartz is often used for programming and storing information as the stone itself holds information. This is why it has been used in computers forever. To hold a clear quartz and place intention in it of our ideas or visions, and then to wear the stone as a talisman as we go about creating order in our lives towards the end we seek, is extremely potent. The Virgo vibration will couple with the clear quartz intention power and help to refine and focus whatever organization is going on—be it mental, emotional, spiritual or physical. For example, if you are wishing to shift your living situation and you begin to envision the type of home you wish to be living in—feel the feeling of being there—and while doing this, hold a piece of clear quartz and carnelian in your hands, you will be invoking the energy of a strong foundation in order to support your vision, amplified by the impulse of Virgo to get these things done as efficiently as possible.

How To Use Carnelian & Clear Quartz With Virgo


Another way to use these stones during the Virgo time of year is to bathe with carnelian in your bathwater, allowing the vision of all that is not in alignment with your most refined life to wash away. You may choose to visualize people in your life, work situations, emotions, beliefs, or anything else that does not feel like “core support,” and as the water drains from the tub, feel how carnelian has magnetized these misalignments and is now carrying them, with the water, down the drain.

After bathing, it would then be appropriate to place a quartz crystal in a glass of water (after clearing the stone) and intend for the water to nourish you with focused energy and clarity in order to bring forward into your life that which is in your highest authentic good. Then drink the charged water. [Water with a stone in it should be placed, if possible, out in the sun for at least an hour, in order to allow the sun to help the stone infuse the water with its energies.]

Altar Work

You may also choose to place a piece of clear quartz and carnelian on your altar space during the Virgo month in order to encourage the foundational energy of grounding and the clarity of mind needed to utilize Virgo’s powerful perfection to its height of assistance. Touch the stones on a regular basis to reconnect with and affirm your intention for why they are helpful allies and what you actually visualize transforming for you.

Tonight, while sitting under the waning moon under Virgo’s influence, I take a piece of orange-red carnelian and hold it over my womb with the intention of clearing any negativity or unaddressed abuse in that region, and to stimulate healthy sexual interactions and a clear connection to my creative power. I also take a clear quartz and place it on my third-eye center with thoughts of opening my inner vision to show me what steps I further need to take in order for those places in my life which have experienced chaos, to drop into their rightful spaces or fall away.

Energies supported by clear quartz:

  • healing
  • entrainment
  • higher guidance
  • stepping down creation from spiritual to physical
  • amplification of intent
  • clarity of vision
  • purification of emotions
  • synchronization of thoughts/emotions
  • third-eye awakening
  • cleansing of energy in body
  • refinement of language/understanding

Carnelian is actually a microcrystalline structure related to quartz.

Carnelian Uses

  • amplifying/inspiring creativity
  • motivation
  • sexual support
  • encouraging trust/self-trust
  • clarifying of purpose
  • protecting and clearing of negativity, anger/rage
  • helping release memories and energies of abuse
  • supporting fertility of body and ideas
  • improving one’s psychic skills
  • supporting 2nd chakra and karmic cleansing

Virgo is the most helpful sign in the zodiac, and so with both quartz and carnelian in place as extra assistance, this month is sure to be filled with progress, task completion, and the manifestation of exactly more of what you have been calling in for years. It is the perfect time of the year to help yourself eliminate all the physical and psychic clutter and get really clear and organized on every level, so that life can run more smoothly for all the in-coming greatness in store for you this coming fall season.


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