Healing Journeys: Energy Healing Session #3 (Soul Integration)

Welcome to Healing Journeys - a corner of Basmati.com where you can read about our team's real experiences with different holistic healing modalities. Trying a new type of healing can be overwhelming and you might first want to hear about someone's experience before taking the plunge. Healing Journeys will cover many different types of healing.

This particular subsection or series of Healing Journeys will be an exploration of energy healing with Basmati's Ursula Squire. Each week, I'll write about my newest experiences with energy healing. This blog will be quite candid, and often include documentation of my thoughts around a particular session. My goal is to share what I have learned and make available information for different healing modalities that you may be curious about or interested in trying.

The sessions I am doing for energy healing are working with two of the most incredible healers I've ever come across - Roger Schwartz, founder of Recover Your Heart, and Marji McDowall.

Full disclosure: I've never tried energy healing before, and I'm excited by holistic healing modalities. As a person who has anxious and OCD tendencies, but who doesn't feel that Western medicine is the right fit, I've decided to embark on this amazing journey, and I'd like to share with all of you!

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GRACE INTEGRITY: Soul Integration

May 23, 2017

I felt a lot of.. I don’t want to use the word resistance here, but it was difficult for me to focus and get into this session. I was restless and had trouble focusing. However, I did appreciate the guidance to imagine recollecting pieces of myself that had been “lost” due to various situations, traumas, and even people and relationships that I have experienced. I’ve had a lot going on personally lately, and so I appreciated the new perspective. Before this, I hadn’t considered that “lost” pieces of myself could remain so until I consciously collected them back. I thought it was a meaningful exercise in consciously reflecting on energy drains – past and present. I do realize I was less “open” to this session, but feel like the exercise has transcended the session and gave me a perspective of where I spend my energy.

I didn’t really experience any particular physical sensations in the third session the way I more obviously did in the first session through a clearing of tension in my shoulders and back, but I still felt more relaxed after the session.

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