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  • What I tend to find in this decade is that, when somebody says to you, you need to work 16, 20 hours a day, you need to work hard…The hard work means: spending time with your kids, eating diligently with integrity and feeding your soul…Yoga and those many things that when you look back at your day and you were up for 16 hours, just because you weren’t sitting in front of a computer or you weren’t digging a hole or at a job for 16 hours. When you went to yoga that was you working hard taking care of yourself. When you went to your Bowen therapy sessions or when you play with your kids and your hobbies. Those are part of working hard as well. If the people that come to me that have those physical ailments, they just really aren’t happy and they are working so hard and they might have a lot of money and they might have the nice stuff but at the end of the day they are thinking that work is just work. At the end of the day I try to teach people that that’s not the case. That you will get to your goals a lot quicker with that balance.      


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Marji:  For this I would like to share a little bit about you, your site, and your gift that you are offering out to the world. Do you mind?

Ray: I don’t mind at all. Thank you for what you guys do. Yeah, I’m Ray Wallen and I’m a certified professional coach and so much more. Solaris Rising is our company and the website and it’s ( We have a product line called Enlightened Remedy and you can find everything: services and products all right there at  I have been in the healing industry— or I guess mostly the coaching industry – for over a decade. I started a little over 10 years ago and I was in the construction industry for a long time and I had my son at a pretty young age. I lost my job and I was really kind of just praying or kind of hoping for the best, what was I going to do?

I was circling ads in the paper and I found a positive media company that I decided to sign up with. They offered some life transformation courses and I was doing pretty well at the time, and so I got started kind of with a life transformation course. My son was kind of getting ready for school, so I was kind of doing my due diligence and like what school am I going to put him in and what are we going to do. Sure enough, I found the Waldorf school system and that kind of enlightened me a little bit more and I started taking life a little bit seriously, and the rest is kind of history.

I have been life coaching for over a decade.  It wasn’t until the last three years or so that I went out and got my credentials. I don’t know if you know anything about life coaching, but, there is no governing agency for life coaching. You can call yourself a life coach and make money off of it without being licensed. About three years ago I met my fiancé, Katie Wise, and she was kind of the opposite of me. She was very ethereal, a healing person in a different sense. She worked with the stars and the ascended masters and the spirits and the crystals and just kind of the invisible power. Katie is an Aeries –  like a strong Aeries – and I’m a Virgo. I’m very like a sun, moon, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars and so we are kind of the opposite. Life coaching was great. Life coaching kind of put me more into a very business oriented.

Since I lost that job over a decade ago, I started numerous businesses and I really got into business a lot more. I kind of took my life coaching into more of a business consulting kind of an aspect. I started a couple of my own businesses. I started a music company with a friend of mine that was a lot of fun and had some good success. I was in the electrical field and so I started my own electrical business and kind of found the balance between personal development and running and operating businesses.

Then kind of talking to people and every day was the best day of my life. People would ask me how do you do it? How are you having so much success? Why are you always happy? It just kind of turned into this thing where I started to lead other people kind of education and good vibes and positivity and people fed off of that and it turned into a really strong passion of mine. 

Once I met Katie and we totally hit it off, she taught me how to feel more and I taught her how to think more. I thought I had it figured out, Marji, and it’s a really interesting story because before I met her literally, every day was the best day of my life. I had spent tens of thousands of dollars, I have traveled all over the world. I have been to Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean and all over watching your Les Browns and your Sean Pauls and your Bob Proctors and these powerful successful people speak on stage. I have read hundreds of books in the personal development industry. I have taken all these different life transformation courses and I really thought I had it figured out.

I thought I had figured it out, happiness is a choice and things are what they are because that’s what you think they are and if you can control your thoughts, you can control your feelings and I never had a bad day. It wasn’t until I met Katie that I realized it’s like okay to feel. It’s okay to have a bad day and let these feelings come in and then I started to see more of a spiritual side of this. It really resonated with me that I only had half of life figured out. That I really needed to feel more and that I really needed to experience more and dig deep and go into the darkness and really figure out these things that show up.

Marji: That they are already there. That’s right, right? They are already there, and sometimes we tend to – especially if we have this strong drive – just be happy and do, do, do. They still manifest in us in some form and we are ignoring maybe the little signs because we think we are too powerful to have to experience that or we don’t want to.

Ray: Yeah.

Marji: That’s super cool. How does that work and look when you are coaching someone? I should let everyone know, I have gone to a healing workshop with you and Katie and it was really amazing. Truly amazing and the talent I think it was Mary Isis that was there as well. All that the three of you brought and the balance was so perfectly done and it resonated with everyone in the room and touched them, whether you were two feet away from you or a hundred yards away from you, right? Just because the frequencies were so beautiful. But, they also were very … The way it was done it was also very grounding and integrating and I found that really amazing. When someone is working with you and coaching, how do you bring that aspect into them? And that’s probably a bigger question because I know it depends on where the person is at, right?

Ray: Yeah, it does. I mean, as a life coach I tend to take one of two approaches. I either take a very specific approach to somebody and I also can take a whole person approach where we really look at everything. I like to call them North Stars. Everybody has got their financial, their relationship and their health and all these different North Stars. When working with me personally this is the way it kind of looks: I like to wear multiple hats. Now, I can put my business consulting hat on, I can put my life coaching hat on or I can put on my motivating inspirational speaker hat on.

As a life coach we are not really supposed to advise anybody to do anything. We are not medical advisors. As a life coach and to be credentialed, you learn that and if I’m working with anybody one on one or even in a work atmosphere working with a team at a company or something like that. That’s the first thing I kind of bring up. Like, it’s our job as coaches to make sure that I want to work with you and you want to work with me and so that’s kind of what I bring to the table. I’m the type of coach who I like to wear all these hats. First and foremost I’m a motivator. I love to motivate, I love to speak and I love to teach. Teaching my classes is my favorite thing to do.

Coaching is kind of tough for me and that’s why I have to tell people, if you are not willing to listen to the motivational person, listen to the advisement from a consultant standpoint and let me ask these questions and let me just kind of let you find your own way and figure out your own answers. I tend to wear all three of those hats with my clients. When it comes to Solaris Rising, obviously Katie and I work very well together. She has clients. She works with the energy, she works with the body, with the chakras and with that invisible energy, the emotions and the feelings.

I’m the opposite. I work with the mind, I work with the thoughts, the conscious and the subconscious, the addictions, the habits, the choices. She can be working with a client and that client we can share. That same person who came and saw her for an energy clearing or chakra balancing or is buying a tincture here to work with the crystal energy, that same person can also benefit from what I bring to the table. I can look at them and go listen, let’s talk about setting goals. Let’s talk about work tracking. Let’s talk about some of these things that are much more physical and aren’t related to the emotions.

In a sense, as a company, we kind of bring that person that whole pie to where if I was just a coach and I didn’t have Katie, I would refer some of my clients out. Like I would suggest you go and you do emotional work with a healer or go check these products out from this other company. Katie does the same thing, she sees her clients and she is able to go, you know what? I really think it would be a good idea for you to set up a session with Ray because he can really help you with the goal setting and with the passion and we work together as a team.

Marji: Yeah, I view it as like the action and then in some cases because it’s non-physical in some of the healing modalities, right?

Ray: Correct.

Marji: There is a clearing and opening thing that happens that allows for not only more energy to come in but, more infinite possibility and actually the physical as well. It’s creating space and you are creating space and allowing it to form into action because action steps are needed and sometimes we forget how those two things work together and you and I have talked about this a little bit. That’s so fabulous.

Ray: Yeah. That’s that concept of being a business consultant and being a life coach. My business consulting clients – they need that personal development in their life. You won’t find a successful business owner that doesn’t either journal or meditate or set goals or has a vision board. That’s very important to having a successful business. Then on the other hand I have my coaching clients that they have a passion. They want to start a business. They have a hobby that they want to make money off of. I’m able to kind of get my life coaching clients and get them to a point where they kind of want to talk to a business coach. They want to talk to somebody that can help them get their business started, and I can be that person for them and vice versa with my business clients. These people I’m helping to get their business straight or I’m getting them out of a hole or helping them get started or taking them to another level. Then they could really feed off this life coaching aspect of what it takes to really be successful in all areas of life.

Marji: Then as I was sitting here listening to you I’m also thinking, here we have big corporations and a generation of really strong people who have worked 70, 80 hours a week and still doing it and we see their physical bodies being challenged, but they are extremely successful in business. Are you finding that while working with people and introducing them because I can wear multiple hats as well but still at the end of the day the frequency and vibration through my heart and my consciousness is at a certain level?  That is shared automatically when you are chatting with somebody, right?

Ray: Correct, yeah.

Marji: Do you find that with some of these when they can find a balance with what you and Katie do and I know you do healing work as well since I have seen it there, right? That is also helping them release some of the patterns that maybe have been stuck for so long or maybe they struggled a little bit because they haven’t been successful but they couldn’t figure out why. So, I keep hurting my knee or I have chest pains or whatever that is. Are you finding that there is also and I know you are not a doctor and so can’t say it but I see it all the time where when people start to find that balance in their lives with healing and corporate work and personal development, however that comes to them. They are actually releasing this physical manifestation of things as well, right?

Ray: Definitely, right.  When I grew up my grandfather was very successful and I grew up with the chatter – and not in a bad way – but with the chatter you know you have got to work 16 hours a day. You have got to really push hard to be successful and I think a lot of that is really abundant here especially in North America and especially in California where I’m at. I run into a lot of people that that’s kind of why they called me or that’s why they are looking for a Katie or a Ray. That’s why they are looking for a healer or a coach.

The number one reason why people come to coaches is for that. They are a little frustrated with the physical deteriorations like you brought up. What I tend to find in this decade is that, when somebody says to you, you need to work 16, 20 hours a day, you need to work hard. I don’t think that necessarily means just working hard like doing stuff. What I have tend to find is that, that just means spending time with your children, that means you are playing. What it means ultimately is, you don’t need eight to 10 hours of sleep every night.

The hard work means: spending time with your kids, eating diligently with integrity and feeding your soul. I have talked to numerous people when they finish a session or sessions or when they work with Katie, you start to see those physical ailments disappearing as well.  Now, I’m not a doctor but I know the power of bone therapy and if you don’t know what that is, look it up and it’s huge. It’s like another modality of energy work and spiritual work. They really are. They are channeling this energy and at the same time they are physically reactivating your nervous system.

Yoga and those many things that when you look back at your day and you were up for 16 hours, just because you weren’t sitting in front of a computer or you weren’t digging a hole or at a job for 16 hours. When you went to yoga that was you working hard taking care of yourself. When you went to your Bowen therapy sessions or when you play with your kids and your hobbies. Those are part of working hard as well. If the people that come to me that have those physical ailments, they just really aren’t happy and they are working so hard and they might have a lot of money and they might have the nice stuff but at the end of the day they are thinking that work is just work. At the end of the day I try to teach people that that’s not the case. That you will get to your goals a lot quicker with that balance.    

Marji:  Once that balance is there, your relationships get better, your interactions like even just driving down the street like I’m in California as well and driving down Douglas Blvd. these days is like a war zone, right? It’s like the people are so upset and I noticed that they are like … When we have that balance those things aren’t … I want to say they are not as hard. Like you just go, this is cool, I get to do this today or I get to take the dogs and go play at the park or and you are starting to stop and enjoy the true beauty of being here and it doesn’t mean it’s without struggle at times.

But, it means that its okay and when you have someone helping you through that and maybe you never hired a life coach before but you have heard many presenters and in the same way I think I have 2500 books right now. We have had teachers our whole lives if we look at things that way, right? Like Katie has been a great teacher for you, you have been a great teacher for her and your grandfather and they have taught us all different things. Basically, it sounds like when you are working with someone you are teaching them how to teach themselves and realign to what that looks like, right?

Ray: Right. Know this too Marji and everybody needs to listen to this. I have a life coach. If you have got a life coach and they don’t have a life coach, you might want to look at … Everybody should have a life coach. It’s like if you can afford it, you get it. If you can afford to eat well, you eat well. I mean, you don’t go broke to eat well because that’s going to mess up other areas of your life. I have a personal trainer at the gym and I remember starting with him going, why would I ever not have a personal trainer?

Then I got six months into it and then I realized well, I have kind of got all this stuff figured out, why do I need to keep paying this guy? I think I have learned everything. But, it never stops. Every time I go and see him he is teaching me something new, there is something new.  Life coaches have life coaches too, and I struggle just like everybody else does but I’m able to understanding the mind, having a fiancé that’s also a healer more on the spiritual side. Just being in this industry, I’m very fortunate but everyday has that opportunity.

Marji: Also life changes, right? Like our environment changes.

Ray: Yeah.

Marji: We have situations come up that maybe we don’t have tools in our tool belt for where if we are connected with ourselves and on this inward path whether in a business or anything, we look outside to other mentors like coaches, teachers or whatever name you want to put on it. To help us in the direction to get to that next whatever point you want to go or just give us tools to be able to be successful in each area of our lives.

Ray: Right. Yup.

Marji: An example for me was, I have a really good mentor teacher that I work with and I lost both my parents in a short period of time. Well, that has never happened to me before, right? Throughout the process also working in healing work I was able to have really open good communication and use tools that I didn’t have before and still go into the emotion and still be able to do my job since I have my own business and do all these things, and find a balance through all that and still be able to work through and process the emotions.

I think it’s very important that we have coaches in our lives especially when there is a great balance of business and healing work so that we can be successful. I will say we know this, sometimes in the healing work we can forget about the business side of things and so I do want to share how really cool that is that you guys have come together and be able to really balance out that. Because that’s a gift that not everyone has.  They may have it but maybe haven’t tapped into it.

Ray: Yeah. We feel very fortunate.                                                                                                                                                               

Marji: But, also on your side of it from a business perspective because we sometimes as healers can get caught up in I just want to make my tincture and I will give it away or don’t find the value in that. There is a lot of time and value and energy that goes into you bringing crystal balls to a studio and sharing that energy with us and putting things together and so there is a balance with that business aspect. Any healers out there -- they have got it down I will tell you that, but it’s really great to talk to you guys.  

Ray: We were just talking about it and we had to cancel an event because there were a lot of people that were interested and a lot of people couldn’t go and they had other things that were happening. We kind of took a look at things and as much as we love to help people … I mean, it took me almost seven years to start charging people for life coaching. To relay these, I call them  gold nuggets or to tell these stories or to share experiences. I was doing it for free for like six years and it was so hard.

A lot of people in this industry and I have got a Waldorf background too with my kids and it was a struggle for me to get out of that kind of hippy and just selling stuff out of the trunk and just take it and really kind of move into a business side of things. Yes, to all the up and coming healers and the people who were like that were struggling a for long time to really find that business side. It is a really fine balance and some people are too business and not enough healer and some people are too healer and not enough business and Katie and I we got really lucky. I mean, I don’t really want to call it luck -- preparation, meeting opportunity and really divine. I mean, we both had long crazy lives before we met and it all kind of makes sense at the end.

I like to tell people Marji, you never know what your real path is on. Not to get into that conversation of fate and destiny versus free will and those types of things but they are  … Your mind is a very powerful thing and if you think it is, then it is going to be and if you don’t think it is, then it’s not going to be. It’s very powerful to think we have a lot more control than we may have been led to believe or were educated on when we grew up. It’s very important to know that I’m living proof and I know and sure you know as well lots of people that have really figured it out and it’s all happening very synchronistic.

Marji: Yeah and the people you meet and the doors that open especially when we start really taking a look at ourselves and personal responsibility and that’s kind of what I call it it’s like. When we actually realize like it is my responsibility to align to this higher energy. It’s my responsibility to pay attention to what I’m feeding. This is our little house and so it’s my responsibility to take care of it to the best that I can and then when I do that that radiates out. All of those things working together and having someone help you to understand that you are in charge of you. You get to do that and that’s where life coaches come in or healers come in and it’s not creating a co-dependent relationship. It’s what I call the self-healing relationship and someone there walking with you and helping you with the steps to find a way, right?

Ray: That’s correct. We truly are on this journey alone and we have got business partners and best friends and children, but we truly are on this journey alone. I like to tell people like my clients, we are all our own corporation and that’s really an eye opener for people. Like you are your own business. You don’t have to go out and trademark a brand name or have a product or be licensed. You don’t have to do any of that. You are a company. Your body, your thoughts, your heart, your feelings -- you are your own entity and how you show up in this world is how successful your business or your corporation is going to be.

Once you learn a little bit about how your mind works and how the energy systems around us work, then this life becomes really beautiful. Then you start to see the more you take care of your corporation, the more you show up in life. The more successful you are going to be and with that success comes the opportunity to go out and actually start a business and follow your passion. Your corporation just kind of creates this other corporation in this much more physical world. 

Marji: So great because actually the corporate aspect of that if we can touch base on that a little bit. I know that you work with corporations incorporating the personal development side of things also with the business side and I know the energy of how things work – especially like maybe you taught people. HR people or whomever how vitally important that is that they are not just strong business minded but also that their energy vibrates at a certain level because that spreads through the company very quickly. I have seen some really incredible successful businesses who have balanced out both.

Ray: When I first got into this industry, I was watching The Secret when it first came out and I was kind of everybody kind of got that switch. I was watching it with my mom and she introduced me to the 212th degree, have you heard of that?

Marji: Not yet.

Ray: Water boils and water is hot at 211 degrees and it boils at 212 degrees. The company that produced that they got a really cool kind of short film and it shows that hundredths of a second between first and second place for a Nascar race or that one stroke that’s the difference between $700,000 in a golf tournament. There is one extra degree and all of a sudden water is boiling and it’s like a really short film, just a couple minutes long. But I remember my mom telling me after I was kind of wowed by The Secret going how that was actually cool, she was telling me about how when she goes to work, in the break room they are required to show up a little bit early and that film is playing over and over again. It’s to set this kind of standard to where that extra degree that’s going to make you more money as an individual sales person as well as the company more money and at the end of the day become more successful. Believing in your products and believing that extra degree makes all the difference.

I took that concept and I really started to bring it into whether it was a coaching client or a business client. Saying I could go into a team like you said maybe HR people or owners of the company that may or may not be struggling but bring those types of things into that company. When I talk about us as individuals waking up in the morning and acting like a successful business and what we feed ourselves and what we do with our time and goals and journaling and reading and stuff like that. You have got the same thing going on in the business world and so I do like going into those companies and saying hey, big companies and small companies implement these ideas and give them options.

Here is a whole bunch of different gold nuggets that are scientifically proven and backed by hundreds of different experiences to bring this and implement just this short video or just this article. Pass this article out to all your people and bring it up in your next meeting and it’s amazing to see how that changes the invisible energy and the flow of the entire room or building. We have all experienced it and in the business world it happens as well.

Marji: So cool. Ray, I want you to spell out your website one more time and where they can get a hold of you and there is a place on the contact page, correct?

Ray:  Correct, yeah. We are so excited. We just wrapped up a few things with you guys yesterday and so you will be able to get them at Basmati but definitely the product line is Enlightened Remedies. You can also go and it will take you to the shopping page of our website. But, yeah as you can see a lot of our services are on there but mainly our product line is just ever growing. We have got tons of great feedback in the last year or so since we have been doing this. Katie comes up with new products about every couple of months playing around with stuff.

But, some of our best-selling products we have a liquid smudge and so people that burn sage and smudge that they can’t do it at work or in the car or in their apartment or whatever. That’s probably our best-selling product. We have got everything from lip balms to bath soaps, oral sprays, we have a charka line for people that are working on their energy work. We have got lotions and massage oils and lots of cool stuff. What‘s cool about our products is that they are all infused with crystal essences. Katie makes our own crystal essences and then between the two of us we get a chance to package it together and put together these wonderful products. We are one of only about three people in the whole United States that are doing that.

You can get great bath soaps out there and there is awesome lip balms and there is awesome oral sprays and liquid sages but we are one of the few companies that are creating those same amazing products with the essential oils and plant essences and organic products. Making them at home and then at the same time infusing them with the crystal energy. Instead of just buying the bath salt, taking a bath and putting crystals in the bath, this already has them infused into it. This is a really beautiful concept that I think everybody should look into and check it out.

Marji: Yes, I would say the liquid sage is fabulous and I have the lip balm. I will get more products. It was amazing and I’m not a lip balm person but it’s fabulous and I loved it. I think I called Katie and I was like this is so good.

Ray: They are called koko kisses.  

Marji: Yeah.

Ray: She has got a gorgeous goddess one the Katie likes to teach it at retreats and stuff like that and most of them are all women’s retreats and so she also has a divine goddess line that’s really based upon feminine energy and working with the divine feminine and the goddess energy. Then we do events and I don’t know if you are local or if you guys are local to the northern California area, but you can go to our events tab. We have sound healing events; I teach the power of mind kind of basic beginners’ class on how the mind works. She teaches a crystal class and then Katie also does reiki to. She is a reiki master and teacher and so she will do reiki classes. I think we brought our last event with Mary Isis. She is an amazing artist that’s from Hawaii that we got a chance to collaborate with and we work with yoga studios and do different sound healing events that are also kind of intertwined with yoga. Our events are amazing, the product line and then obviously the chakra balancing and crystal energy clearings and life coaches we got you guys covered.

Marji:  For people out there who may want you to travel to Wisconsin, are you open to doing that if there was a retreat that they could share space with you?

Ray: Yes, definitely.

Marji: Okay. Cool.

Ray: We have four kids and so when we travel it can be difficult but we are here to serve and the kids love what we do. They are great assistants. We also do a lot of remote work and so as for individuals that are from around the world I have a client right now that I work with once a week in Europe. Katie does reiki sessions and energy healing remotely. For individuals we can work with anybody just about anywhere with the power of internet, the power of intuition. Then when it comes to the retreats, Katie just got back from Colorado not too long ago out there working with the women’s retreats and I travel as well to work with other businesses on the life coaching side and the business consulting side of things. Yeah, we are kind of we can be anywhere.

Marji: Super cool. I do want to add in for anyone that is interested that I know you guys customize some of those crystal products as well…

Ray: Yeah.

Marji: Perfect. I wanted to let everyone know that. Its Katie’s favorite thing to do and we do it together sometimes when we share clients and we do have some clients that we share like I spoke of earlier.  The product line that we make Marji, it’s really general and so this is to relax, this is for the throat chakra and this is for the crown but what she loves doing more than anything and we love to do as well together with clients is, once you get done with some sessions and working with us, we can make custom products specifically for you. We know this is what you are working on and it’s a confidence issue or it’s speaking your truth or you are really worried you are having these sexual inhibitions or you are too ethereal and you need to be more grounded.

Once you get down going through some sessions with us now, we can create this bath soap, oral spray, these lotions, these products specifically for you. That’s actually custom design and there is a place on our website as well if you already know what you have been working with. There are a lot of people that approach us at our booths or at our different events. They kind of already are aware what they have got to work with or maybe they just had a healing session with somebody else but they know what they need. They know this and this that it’s…they are trying to close and it’s this and this that’s they are trying to open.

There is a spot on our website where you can kind of create your own custom products. You can give us the information, I’m working on my confidence, I’m working on being more grounded or being more focused and now we can take that information, have a short phone call on the phone or on Skype, and be able to create something specifically for you as an individual which takes custom product and healing worldwide to a whole another level. It’s really fun.

Marji: Absolutely. A total beautiful unique idea. Yes. Cool. I’m super excited about that and sharing that. I do want to encourage you to share your events on the Basmati page and make sure you send that in so that we can get the information out there. I know that I’m going to the next Yin Crystal Ball healing session that you are doing and they are so great. I encourage any of you if you are in the area to check them out. You can find out the dates and times on the site. Really beautiful experience.

Ray: Yeah and we have got a Facebook page too. The Facebook lovers out there that’s easy too and so and that’s got just about all the information you will see on the website as well. But, if you want to purchase something, jump on and check it out. Any questions, you call us. Our office number is on there or get in contact with us through email. Thank you Marji and Basmati for this. You guys are great and I love what you are doing and I’m so excited to keep building.

Marji: Yeah, me too. Thanks Ray so much. Have a super day.

Ray:  You are welcome. You too.

Marji: You tell Katie that I said hi.

Ray: I will. I promise.

Marji: Bye, bye.                                                                                                                                       

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