Mother Earth’s Medicine Cabinet: Thieves’ Oil Blend

This essential oil has a very interesting back story. There are a few different versions of course, but that happens when a story is carried on for almost 10 centuries.

According to one version of the story, somewhere between the 14th and 16th century some French thieves, who also happened to be perfumers and spice traders, put together the thieves oil blend. The Frenchmen had their day jobs but in the dark hours of the night they would sneak through the town, visiting the homes of those who were suffering with the bubonic plague, and they would rob them of everything valuable they owned.

The authorities began to become suspicious as to how the thieves were stealing from the sick and not becoming infected themselves. The thieves were finally caught and questioned. The magistrate offered the band of thieves a lesser sentence if they divulged the secret as to how they didn’t get sick. The deal was sealed. From that point on it is said that doctors began using the same herbs from the oil dried, along with the oil as well, while treating patients and cleaning the hospitals.

Thieves’ oil is said to have very high antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. It is very effective against airborne bacteria and transmitted illnesses. The essential oil and dry herbs both have very many positive effects on the body.

The ingredients in the thieves’ oil will boost your immune system if you add a little to your milk. It is awesome to use around the house: adding it to dishwater will help kill any bacteria that are present, especially during cold and flu season. If you put some in a diffuser it has the potential to kill airborne microorganisms within a half an hour. Here are a few more ways you can use the oil.

  • Homemade soaps
  • Homemade Candles
  • Add To Bath Water
  • Cleansers & Disinfectants
  • Add To Shampoo

Thieves oil blend has so many uses -- it is amazing; that’s why it is essential to have it in the medicine cabinet. It is great for the body and it is awesome for cleaning around the house. It is great stuff, and you can make a mix of it yourself or you can order the oil from almost any essential oil company.

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