Mother Earth’s Medicine Cabinet: 7 Reasons To Grow Sage In Your Medicinal Garden

Did you know that sage (Salvia Officinalis) is actually one of the biggest members of the mint family? There are well over 900 different species of sage worldwide. Many species of this plant are recognized for their healing properties. In fact, there are reports from various countries that state the pharmacology and therapeutic properties of the plant. This article will specifically cover the healing benefits of the Salvia Officinalis variety.

Sage makes a great addition to any medicinal garden, not only for the medicinal aspects, but because they are attractive plants. Butterflies, hummingbirds, and honeybees all receive benefits from this highly recommended addition to your garden.

Let’s talk about these 7 reasons to grow sage:

Anti-inflammatory – A tea can be made using sage and used topically to ease inflammation. You can also gargle with the tea to help with swollen tonsils.

Antiseptic & Antibacterial  - Sage tea or tinctures can be used as an oral antiseptic. They can be used to treat tooth and gum abscesses, gum infections, oral ulcers, and canker soars. You can also gargle the tea to help with throat infections. It really works wonders for strep throat and tonsillitis!

Reduces Muscle Tension – You can use a lotion, cream or essential oil infused with sage to massage onto sore and tense muscles. The plant’s anti-spasmodic properties will reduce the tension and ease the pain.

Respiratory & Congestion – You can add some sage essential oil to a bowl of steamy water and use this for a steam treatment. This will help with asthma attacks and to help relieve congestion of the head, chest, and nose. It is nice to add some essential oil to a nice steamy bath and relax. It will pull all of the congestion out.

Brain Benefits – Sage is very similar to rosemary when it comes to the ability to improve memory and enhance brain function. Research has shown that sage can help people who suffer from depression and dementia. It is good for those of you without those issues as well because sage has the ability to not only help you remember, but improve how fast you can remember things.

Indigestion Relief – A cup of freshly brewed sage tea can ward off any indigestion caused by the fats in greasy food. It will help the liver and gallbladder break down, process, and release waste. It will also freshen your breath.

Natural Relaxant – Whether you are using sage essential oil, incense or smudge sticks for aromatherapy, it will help calm your nerves. Sage is also used for purifying so it is a wonderful thing to use as aromatherapy. The tea will also provide the same benefits.

These are just a few benefits of sage. Different species of sage can also provide different nutritional and medicinal properties. Sage is safe for kids and most animals.

There are many cultures that use sage for spiritual healing, as well as physical healing. Keep a look out for an upcoming article about various cultures using sage spiritually.

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