Ray Wallen

Life Coach

Ray is a kind, driven and passionate Certified Professional Coach who teaches through his demonstration. He has consciously created the life of his dreams through a decade of focused work in the personal development industry. He is a Multiple Life Transformation course graduate and a Motivational Speaker. He is always learning and growing, and is currently working toward obtaining his Master Coaching Certification. Ray has built numerous successful businesses from the ground upend helped hundreds of individuals and couples transform their lives, and his track record proves that he is not afraid to make his visions a reality. Being around him is inspiring, and his enthusiasm for life is contagious!

Ray coaches clients regarding their career and/or their every-day life. He has a lot of life experience that allows him to relate with others on many levels. He realizes how powerful the mind is, and is committed to helping others heal their lives on multiple levels through the power of shifting the mindset.

Consulting Ray when setting up a new business or making the decision to change your life for the better would be valuable, and his passion will help drive you where you want to go. He’s honest, hardworking, and loves to see others succeed. He will make sure you feel capable and excited to live the life of your dreams….. So be sure to dream big!

For more information, check out the Solar Rising Facebook page and Ray's Wednesday Weekly Wonder article.


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